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Lectora Lesson Status Not Set
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 15 August 2006 03:49 PM
When completing a lesson, the status is not set to 'completed'.
Lectora does not automatically set lesson status. It must be done manually.
Applies To:
Trivantis Lectora
Add a results chapter at the end of your test that contains a page with the following action:
On: Show
Action: Modify Variable
Target: AICC_Lesson_Status
Value: completed
Modification Type: Set Variable Contents
The AICC/SCORM variables are automatically available in a couse that has been designated as a AICC/SCORM Published Title. If this has not been declared then the AICC variables will not show up in the target pull-down menu.
To make the title AICC/SCORM:
  1. Go to the 3 color block of books icon on the master title page
  2. Right click to properties
  3. On the Contents tab, select AICC/SCORM/Coursemill 3x Published Title
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