Use Your Own Domain Name With Your Inquisiq LMS SaaS Portal
Posted by Heather Zauner on 21 October 2015 11:31 AM
Can I use my own domain name for my Inquisiq LMS SaaS portal rather than the address that is assigned when I sign up?

Applies To: 
Inquisiq LMS SaaS portals only.
The Inquisiq LMS application runs on a load balanced system that does not use static IP addresses. When a web browser makes a request to a portal (for example, the request goes through the load balancer to the software which reads the domain ( from the host headers to determine which portal should be 'fed' back to the browser. If the host headers do not contain a domain, then the application returns an "Unknown" page to the user.

Therefore, two steps are required to use an alternate domain with the application. First you need to register and setup your domain name so that when a users enters it in the browser's address box, they are directed to the Inquisiq LMS SaaS Server. Second, your Inquisiq LMS portal must be configured to recognize that domain so that it will be the one that the system feeds back to the user.

How To:
Note that you will need access to your domain name's DNS settings. If you are unsure that you have this or how to access it, you should contact the registrar with which you registered the domain name. ICS Learning Group cannot assist with these changes for domains or DNS that have been registered or are managed by other organizations.

Step 1 - DNS Setup:
    • Create a CNAME record for your domain and point it to:
Note: Using this method ensures that as the IP addresses change via the load balancer, and also if they need to be re-assigned, your name will always resolve, effectively "following" the name wherever it is assigned.

Note: DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate across the internet. Your domain name may not fully function until the propagation is complete.

Step 2 - Inquisiq LMS Portal Setup:
    • Log into your Inquisiq LMS portal.
    • Click the Administrator Menu button on the main menu.
    • Click the Domain Aliases icon located in the System sub-menu.
    • Click the Add Alias icon.
    • Enter the domain name in the Domain Alias pop-up box and click OK.
    • Click Save Changes.


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