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Lectora Data Errors
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 15 August 2006 05:37 PM


Scores and/or question and interaction data is not being saved in the LMS.


The lesson is communicating the question weighting value as an integer.

Applies To:

Trivantis Lectora


The SCORM specification dictates that all data element values be communicated as type string. When the lesson passes the data element as type number, the LMS returns an error code.


Modify the lesson code to pass all data element values as type string.


    1. Export your lesson from Lectora as normal.

    1. Unzip the exported files to your local computer.

    1. Find the file named APIWrapper11.js and open it using a text editor.

    1. Find the function LMSSetValue by searching for the line:
      function LMSSetValue(name, value)

    1. In the LMSSetValue function, change the line:
      var result = api.LMSSetValue(name, value);

      var result = api.LMSSetValue(name, value.toString());

    1. Save the APIWrapper11.js file

    1. Re-zip the lesson and upload it to the LMS as normal


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