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Expire User Accounts through a User Batch Upload
Posted by Heather Zauner on 14 March 2016 02:55 PM

Please note that it is currently not possible within Inquisiq to disable user accounts by a user batch upload, however you can expire user accounts through a user batch upload. When doing a user batch upload, if you set an expiration date in the past (like the day before you perform the user batch upload), then the upload will expire the user account and prevent the user from being able to login. This is very similar to disabling a user account, however there are a few noted differences. A disabled user will have a [Disabled] notation next to their name when adding users to a group manually. Expired user accounts will not have any notation, however you can run a report and apply a filter for the "Expires" field for account expiration dates when manually joining users to groups.

IMPORTANT: The data in the batch upload will overwrite the data in the LMS. Therefore, a blank field will clear out the existing LMS data for that particular field in the user’s data. So if you only want to expire the accounts but not alter any of their user data, then you will need to export a report (using the user demographics dataset and select all of the fields displayed as active in the User Batch Upload screen) for all of the desired users and reformat the excel to match the User Batch Upload screen identically.

Please note the following before uploading your user batch file:

• The uploaded file must be a tab-delimited text file (with extension .TXT).
• Include all data columns (even those marked as NOT USED) in your file.
• All required fields must have data.
• Do not enclose cells values in quotations ("").
• Do not include tabs in cell values.
• The “Supervisor” field (if used) must be populated with the supervisor’s username.
• The “Country” field (if used) must be populated with the country’s 2-digit code.
• Do not include column headers.
• Be sure that no extra empty lines exist at the end of your file. Programs like Microsoft Excel, when saving to tab-delimited format, can sometimes insert blank lines at the bottom of the file. You can go into the text file and delete these empty lines so that the last character of the file is the "D" of the "END" in the last row of data.
• The Username column (column E) will be used to identify existing users in the system and update their user information with the data in the batch upload. If the username does not already exist, then a new user account will be created.

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