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GUIDE: Mobile Mode of Inquisiq
Posted by Heather Zauner on 11 May 2016 01:26 PM

The mobile mode is generally used for phones only. While in the mobile mode, a user can only access a limited/modified My Account Page. There is no registration page in the mobile mode. Users must already be registered. From their My Account page, users can then only launch lessons and have access to their enrolled tab and completed tab. So, essentially the mobile mode is intended for registered users who have already been enrolled in a course and would like to launch it from their phone.

Inquisiq does automatically detect tablets and the ipad and will direct them by default to the desktop mode. If a user selects the mobile mode located in the LMS footer, and then logs out, the mobile mode will then be the default launch setting for that device. If the user clicks the desktop mode before logging out, this will then return to the default launch setting and launch going forward in the desktop mode. 

Android tablets are directed to the mobile mode due to how android devices identify the user agent. Inquisiq cannot distinguish between an android tablet and an android mobile device because of how android devices broadcast the user agent. This is the only known device that this occurs in at this time.

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