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Turn a Video File into Content
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 19 May 2017 04:58 PM

For videos 200mb or smaller:

(For Installed Inquisiq Software Only:) From your Control Panel, click Portals, and on the portal that you wish to upload the video, click the pencil icon to go to the portal's properties. Click the "Settings" tab, and scroll down to "Enabled Features." Make sure that the "Video Import" feature's box is checked, and click "Save Changes."

Part A:

  1. In the Administrator Menu, click "SCORM Packages."
  2. From the buttons on the right, click the "Import Video" button.
  3. Upload the video file (must be mp4, ogv, or webm) and then exit the window. The video has now been turned into a SCORM package

Part B:

If you want to turn the video into its own course:

  1. In the "SCORM Packages" list, click on the pencil icon next to the video's SCORM package.
  2. Click "Import this Package," and a new course will be made out of the video file that you uploaded.
  3. In the Administrator Menu, click "Courses."
  4. Find the course created from the SCORM package, and click the green check icon to publish the course.

If you want to add the video into an existing course as its own lesson:

  1. In the Administrator Menu, click "Courses."
  2. Click on the pencil icon for the course that you want to add the video to.
  3. If the course is already published, for best results, you should Lock the course while you add the lesson, so that no one can enroll in the course before you add the lesson, and so you do not affect course progress of anyone currently taking the course (who will be kicked out of the course when you Lock it).
  4. From the buttons on the right, click the "Lessons" button.
  5. From the buttons on the right, click the "New Online Lesson" button.
  6. Set the details and settings that you want, basically just the Name and Short Description. Your best bet is to change no other parameters. For "Package/Resource," click the select button, select the SCORM package of the video that you uploaded, click "Ok," then select the resource file (usually only one), then click "Ok" again.
  7. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the New Online Lesson page. Your course now has a video lesson.


For videos larger than 200mb:

OPTION 1: Upload the video to either YouTube or Vimeo, and then use the "Import Video" feature.

About YouTube...

  • A YouTube account (which is a Google account) is free, and uploading videos to YouTube is free.
  • When you upload your video, set the privacy to "Unlisted." That way, the video will not show up in search, related videos, nor recommendations, it will not be posted to your channel, and it will not show in anyone's Subscriber feed. The video will not be viewable by anyone who does not have a link to the video.

About Vimeo...

  • A Vimeo account with the features that you will need to upload a video with the privacy settings that you need requires a Vimeo Plus account (currently $7 per month).
  • When you upload your video, from the privacy drop-down, select "Only people with the private link."

Once uploaded to either site, follow the same steps from Part A, but select the YouTube or Vimeo option after you click "Import Video." Then follow the same steps from Part B.


OPTION 2: Turn the video into a SCORM package using an outside publishing tool, host the SCORM package on a private online web server, and use our "Fetch SCORM Package" feature in the "SCORM Packages" section. Inquisiq will require the package's file URL, and the username and password of the secure server the file is hosted on. Once given, follow all of the same steps from Part B.


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