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SCORM Upload Fail
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 07 June 2017 04:01 PM


When uploading a SCORM package to the system, you get a message that says, "Failed. This package could not be processed." You may also get the error "A semicolon was expected."



The package name, and/or the name of the course within, has commas, colons, or other special characters in it, i.e. !@#$%^&*()"



When there are commas, colons, or other special characters in a SCORM package's course name and/or filename, the characters appear in the <title> line, as well as other parts, of the imsmanifest file. The LMS takes these special characters as part of the manifest coding, and cannot read the manifest file with these special characters in places they do not belong, therefore the upload fails.



Re-publish your course without the special characters in the course name or file name, and then try to upload the newly published SCORM package. If the characters are only in the name of your SCORM package, rename your SCORM package, and then re-try uploading the package.

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