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Limit User Access / Require Approval
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 09 June 2017 03:02 PM

Many of our users would like the ability to have an LMS portal where users need to be pre-approved before they can access the LMS and its courses. One method of achieving this is by adding an access code to the registration form, which will prevent any user from successfully registering without first entering the appropriate code.



Add an Access Code Field to the Registration Form

The access code is one that only you would know and that you would give only to “approved” users so that they can create their own account. Essentially, the registration form will have an “Access Code” field that the user will have to enter the code; one that you have already created and given to them. If they do not enter the proper code, then they will not be able to create an account.

You can configure your Inquisiq R3 portal to accept multiple access codes.

To Create an Access Code Field on your Registration Form:

1. Login as an Administrator.

2. Click on the Administrator Menu button on the Main Menu.

3. Click the User Account Data icon.


4. Scroll down to User-Defined field 00 near the bottom of the screen.

5. In the Label column (second column), click the Edit icon to the right of the “User-Defined Field 00.”


6. Enter the label for the form field that you want to appear on the Registration Form. In this example we have used “Access Code.”

7. Check the “View” and “Modify” checkboxes in the “Admin View” and “Reg. Form” columns to add the “Access Code” field to the Administrator’s view of User Profiles and the Self-Registration Form. The checks in both the “View” and “Modify” boxes indicate that the form field will be both visible and editable on those forms. Also click the “Req.” checkbox in the last column to make this field required.


8. Optional: Enter a description that will be displayed above the “Access Code” field on the registration form.

9. Select Text Field as the Input Type.

10. Enter a regular expression for your access code. Users must enter an access code that matches the regular expression in order to be accepted. In our example, our access code is ABC123, therefore our regular expression will be ^ABC123$ (as shown above). To add multiple access codes to your regular expression, insert a pipe symbol (on your keyboard) between each access code. For example, if I would like to also accept the code ABC456, then I would enter the following regular expression: ^ABC123$|^ABC456$

11. Click OK.

12. Click Save Changes.


Once the “Access Code” field is required, all existing user accounts must contain a valid code in that field in order to be modified. Because we have not included the form field on the User’s Profile Form (the checkboxes in the “User View” column”), those existing users will not be able to add that code and therefore will not be able to save changes to their own profile until an Administrator has entered a valid code for them from the Administrator’s View of their User Profile or other method (such as Batch Upload). Users without a valid code may however , still access and log into the portal.



Enable Self-Registration for Your LMS Portal

Now that you have added an access code field to your registration form, you should enable self-registration on your LMS portal or verify that this feature is configured correctly.

To enable self-registration:

1. Login as an Administrator.

2. Click on the Administrator Menu button on the Main Menu.

3. Click the Login Setup icon.


4. Check the box, “Allow users to create their own accounts,” in the Self-Registration field.


5. Click Save Changes.


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