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Force Asentia Users to Enroll In/Purchase a Group of Courses
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 15 June 2017 12:00 PM


You would like to offer courses for users to self-enroll in or purchase as a bundle, and you do NOT want to give them the option to enroll in the courses individually.

NOTE: Putting courses in a catalog (free OR paid) will NOT prevent users from being able to enroll into each course individually.

So what do you do?



There are a couple of ways to do this...


OPTION A: Create a Learning Path.

1. Un-publish the courses that you wish to offer only as a bundle. Click "Learning Assets," "Courses," click the "Modify" pencil icon next to the course you wish to un-publish, click the Settings tab, and under "Published," select "No."

2. Click "Learning Assets" then "Learning Paths."

3. Click the "New Learning Path" link at the top of the page, and name and give a description for the learning path.

4. In the Courses tab, select the courses that you wish to include in the learning path, and save your changes.

NOTE: Just like enrollments created in an individual's account and in a group, you cannot create a recurring enrollment in the learning path's page. Recurring enrollments can only be created from course pages using enrollment rulesets.


OPTION B: Put all of the content packages for all of the courses into ONE course as modules.

1. Click "Learning Assets" then "Courses."

2. Click the "Modify" pencil icon next to the first course in the series of courses you wish to offer your users.

3. Change the name of the course to the name you would like to use for the group of courses.

4. Click the green plus icon next to "Modules" and then click the link that pops up for "New Module."

5. In the Properties tab, give the module a name and a short description. You can name each of your modules in a way that indicates how they are grouped (for example, "Course 1 Lesson 1", "Course 1 Lesson 2".... "Course 3 Lesson 4"... "Course 5 Lesson 7", etc).

6. In the Content tab, check the box next to "Content Package," click the link "Select Content Package," and select the package for the next course in the series you want your users to take.

7. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 for every course in the series, adding each course as modules to the first course in the series.

8. Once you have added all of the courses' modules to the first course, lock and then delete the other courses in the series. They can now all be found in the first course. DO NOT delete the content packages from the Content Packages section.

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