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Force Inquisiq Users to Enroll In/Purchase a Group of Courses
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 15 June 2017 12:28 PM


You would like to offer courses for users to self-enroll in or purchase as a bundle, and you do NOT want to give them the option to enroll in the courses individually.

NOTE: Putting courses in a catalog (free OR paid) will NOT prevent users from being able to enroll into each course individually.

So what do you do?


Solution: Put all of the content packages for all of the courses into ONE course as modules.

1. Upload all of your course content to the "SCORM Packages" section.

2. Create a new course. Name it what you would like for the name of the bundle of courses to be, and give it a Short Description. Click "Save Changes."

3. Click the "Lessons" tile in the top right corner of the screen. Click the "New Online Lesson" tile in the same place on the next screen. Name the lesson and give it a Short Description. You can name each of your lessons in a way that indicates how they are grouped (for example, "Course 1 Lesson 1", "Course 1 Lesson 2".... "Course 3 Lesson 4"... "Course 5 Lesson 7", etc).

4. Click "Select Package/Resource," and select the package for the first course in the series, and click "Ok." Select the SCO, and click "Ok" again. Click "Save Changes."

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every course in the series.

Your one course now contains many courses, and your users will not be able to purchase any single course in the series.

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