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Run an Inquisiq Report on User Permissions
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 10 July 2017 12:12 PM

There is not a built-in data field or report that pulls what permissions users in the system have. However, there is a work-around so that you may be able to run a report for permissions granted to users.


  1. Create groups, one for each permission or group of permissions that you need to grant users. Give each of the groups the permissions that users will need, and name the groups accordingly (i.e. if you need to grant some users the ability to create and delete users, and some users the ability to manage user transcripts and log in as users, you would create two groups: one group with the “User Creator” and “User Deleter” permissions checked, and one group with the “User Manager” and “User Impersonator” permissions checked; you can name these groups “User Creator/Deleter” and “User Manager/Impersonator” or something to that effect).
  2. Create a User-Defined Field for the permissions the users need. For example, call the field “Permissions,” make it viewable and editable by administrators only, and make the field a Selectbox. The Selectbox can be either single select or multiple select, depending on if you will need to grant users several permissions (from the example above, if you need to grant some users all four of the permissions listed, then you will need to select BOTH “User Creator/Deleter” and “User Manager/Impersonator” in the user’s Permissions field).
  3. Create grouping rules, one for each of the permissions levels that you created in the Permissions field, and base each grouping rule on the “Permissions” field that you created, with the “Match” box containing one of the permissions in the Selectbox, and the group to be one of the groups that you created with the associated permission. Make sure that the boxes in the Properties tab of Grouping Rules are ALL checked.
  4. For each user that you want to give permissions, select the permission or permissions you need to grant to them from the drop down in their “Permissions” field, and save your changes. Your users will be grouped according to the items that you selected in the Permissions field when you click “Save Changes.” NOTE: You can also allocate the Permissions field changes through a User Batch Upload.
  5. Go to “Reports,” and click “Create New Report” under the User Demographics dataset. Under Fields, check the users’ names and/or usernames, and be sure to check the “Permissions” field. Run the report. You will get a list of only users in the system with items selected in their Permissions field. If you need to pull only users with certain permissions, create a Filter on the Permissions field that contains the permission that you are looking to pull.


Note that if you manually grant or revoke a permission on an individual user’s page in the Permissions section (NOT through the User Defined Field that you created), that permission will NOT be reported.


For a video that demonstrates how to follow this procedure, go to

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