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Script Timeout During SCO Upload
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 15 September 2006 01:59 AM


When uploading a SCO (lesson), you receive the following or similar error:

Active Server Pages, ASP 0113 (0x80004005) The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded.


The script was not able to upload the SCO within it's allotted time.


Server scripts are given a limited amount of time to run. If this time limit is exceeded the script is halted. This prevent scripts from running indefinitely and overloading the system resources. If you see this error, your connection speed is not fast enough to transfer the entire SCO to the server within the script's time limit. Most connections hit this limit with SCOs between 10 and 15 MB.


Use the "Fetch and Import" method. This method allows you to upload your SCO to your own webserver and have the LMS fetch it. Since webservers tend to sit on very fast connections, the fetch process can be used with very large SCOs. If the Fetch and Import option is not available in your application, contact your system administrator.

To use the Fetch and Import method:

1. Upload your SCO to a publicly accessible web server (the location must be accessible via an http:// address within a web browser).

2. Log into Inquisiq EX and start the "Upload A New Content Package" or "Replace An Existing Lesson" wizard.

3. Select "Fetch and Import".

4. Click the "Fetch a content package" link. A new window will open.

5. Enter the URL where you uploaded your SCO.

6. If the file or folder of your SCO is password protected, enter the username and password.

7. Click "Fetch Content". Inquisiq EX will retrieve your SCO. When finished, close the fetch window.

8. The filename of your fetched SCO should now appear in the list of content packages. If not, click "Refresh List". Click your SCO filename to select it.

9. Click "Next" and complete the wizard as you normally would.

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