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Use Dropbox to Fetch SCORM Packages
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 28 September 2017 02:02 PM

If you have a SCORM package that is over 200 mb in size, you will need to use the SCORM Fetch feature. From the Administrator Menu, under the Content section, click “SCORM Packages.” Click the “Fetch SCORM Package” icon. You will get a window that pops up that prompts you to put in a file link and login credentials, if applicable. At this point, you can either set up a secure server and host your SCORM package there, or you can use Dropbox to host your SCORM package.

You can set up a free Dropbox account and upload your SCORM package there in order to fetch it in Inquisiq. The link that the free Dropbox account gives you is not a DIRECT link, it's a download location link. The Fetch feature requires a direct link in order to work. You can manipulate the download location link that Dropbox gives you so that it becomes a direct link:

  1. Upload your file to your Dropbox account.
  2. Click the “Share” button for your file.
  3. Click the “Copy link” link.
  4. In the SCORM Fetch window, in the “Fetch File” section, select “https://” from the drop-down, and paste the link in the box.
  5. EDIT THE LINK with the following edits…
    1. Change “” to “”
    2. Delete the “?dl=0” at the end of the link
  6. Click the “Fetch” button.
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