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No certificate earned upon granted completion
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 15 March 2018 09:33 AM


When you granted a course completion to a user, the certificate that they are supposed to earn when they complete that course was not granted.


Users can only get certificates in the following scenarios with the following stipulations…

  • User completes a course attached to a certificate (Earned)
    • They have never earned that certificate before


  • Their previously earned version of the certificate has expired
  • Administrator manually grants the user the certificate (Awarded)
  • Administrator performs an Activity Data Import in which the user has completed a course attached to a certificate (Awarded)
    • The date of course completion falls on or after the date the certificate was created and/or the course was associated with the certificate

Users will NOT receive a certificate when an administrator manually grants a completion for a course by changing the course status through the Inquisiq interface.


Grant the certificate manually as the administrator. Click the Certificates tab in the user’s profile, and click “Award Certificate.”

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