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Course Attempt Tracking and Limits
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 06 April 2018 02:39 PM

How attempts are tracked in the LMS

When you create a lesson in an authoring tool and publish it to SCORM, the program builds the SCORM package and the coding within based on the content and settings that you create and set up in the tool. The SCORM package sends API calls to the LMS, and these calls determine how the lesson is launched, how the lesson is closed, and what data the lesson should send to the LMS and how that data should be stored. The LMS essentially just takes all of this data, stores it, and displays it.

The key idea to take away from this is that the way a lesson acts is WHOLLY determined by the settings set in the authoring tool, and the code within the SCORM package (which the authoring tool creates based on your settings). The LMS has little to do with how a course behaves once launched.

There are several API calls that the lesson makes that have an effect on attempt tracking and limits, and these calls are made based on the parameters set in the lesson settings and publish settings in the authoring tool used to create the lesson.

NOTE: When you re-set an enrollment or a lesson in the LMS, all user completion data in the lesson will be wiped, except for the number of attempts. The total number of attempts recorded by and sent from the lesson, regardless of wiped completion data, is permanently preserved by the LMS.


How to Limit Attempts in the Course Authoring Tool

You can usually control the maximum number of attempts that a learner may have to take a quiz or answer questions in a quiz within the authoring tool’s user interface without having to manipulate the SCORM package coding. The following articles detail how to limit quiz attempts in different common authoring tools…

Storyline 1:

Storyline 2:

Storyline 3:

Storyline 360:

Quizmaker ’13:

Articulate Rise:

Adobe Captivate: Scroll down to “Set pass or fail preferences”


We Can Help You

The main point to take away from all of this is that content authoring is complex, and there are several factors to take into consideration when creating courses that you want to behave in a particular way. It can be a daunting challenge.

We at ICS Learning Group have a team of course development experts who have decades of combined knowledge of the SCORM specification, including but not limited to how to set the cmi.exit parameter to what you need it to be, among many other custom eLearning solutions.

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