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Convert Lesson Time field in Inquisiq Report to HH:MM:SS format
Posted by Jessica D'Apice on 13 July 2018 09:18 AM

When you pull the Lesson Time field in an Inquisiq Course Transcripts report, the time is recorded in seconds. You can convert seconds to hh:mm:ss format in Excel using a simple formula and adjusting the formatting.

1. Open your downloaded report in Excel.

2. Insert a new column next to the Lesson Time column.

3. In the cell next to the first Lesson Time cell in your new column, type the following...

=[cell number of first Lesson Time cell with data; for example, "A2"]/86400

4. Select the entire column and press Control + D to insert the formula into the rest of the cells.

5. Select the entire column, right click, and select "Format cells..."

6. Select "Custom", and in the "Type" box, type in hh:mm:ss, and click "OK".

The numbers in the column will be converted to hh:mm:ss format.

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