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Error Message 'Error Loading' When Launching Content
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 03 December 2006 05:39 PM

When launching content in Firefox that was built using Adobe Authorware, you receive the message "Error Loading" with a red progress bar.


There are several possible causes:

    • Firefox is not properly allowing the security dialog to open even though you have turned off the popup blocker.

    • Popups are being blocked which prevents you from confirming the Authorware Web Player security dialog.

    • You have allowed popups for the site, but not restarted the Firefox browser.

Applies To:

Adobe Authorware Content displayed in the Firefox browser.


Because Authorware web content has access to read and write to your hard drive, the Web Player always asks before allowing content to run. If this security dialog is blocked you will not be able to click the 'OK' button allowing the content to run. Firefox is very particular and exhibits unexpected behavior regarding the popup blocker settings and this security dialog.


    1. If you have turned off your popup blocker, turn it back on.

    1. Set your popup blocker to allow popups from the LMS's domain. Simply confirming each popup on an individual basis will not work.

    1. Restart your browser. Not doing so will allow popups, but the security dialog will still be supressed until you restart the browser.

    1. When you launch the Authorware content, click 'OK' on the security dialog. The content is now "trusted" and will relaunch without requiring the security confirmation.

In some cases, re-installing the Authorware Web Player for Internet Explorer has been shown to fix the Firefox problems. The exact reason for this success is unknown. If the above resolutions do not work, try the following:

    1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer

    1. Click "Tools" and select "Internet Options...".

    1. Click the "Settings" button.

    1. Click the "View Objects..." button.

    1. If it is listed, delete the item "Authorware Web Player Control".

    1. Exit Internet Explorer and restart your computer.

    1. Open Internet Explorer.

    1. Navigate to this page on Adobe's website to install the Authorware Web Player (NOTE: be sure to perform this step in Internet Explorer, NOT Firefox).

    1. Click the "Install Now" to begin the installation.

    1. Once the installation is complete, you should be able to relaunch Firefox and successfully view your Authorware content.


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