Database Error -2147220999
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 12 April 2007 03:18 PM

When first trying to access the control panel (or any other page), you receive the following or similar error:

An error (-2147220999) occurred opening the database connection.


Your application server has a corrupted component that is preventing it from connecting to the database. This is most likely a corrupted MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) component.


Inquisiq uses built-in Windows components to connect to the SQL server and database. If these or related components are corrupted, the connection cannot be opened. If your Inquisiq EX server and SQL server are different machines, then the server with the Inquisiq EX files is where the problem should be corrected.


Re-install or fix the corrupted MDAC or Windows components. Refer to the Microsoft Support Site for more information.

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