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Lectora Lesson Status is Always 'Failed'
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 03 May 2007 08:57 PM


When completing a lesson, it's status is always set to "failed".


Your lesson has a mastery score specified but no quiz or scored questions are included.

Applies To:

Trivantis Lectora, SCORM Version 1.2


When a mastery score is specified by the lesson, the LMS re-evaluates the lesson status by comparing the mastery score to the learner's raw score. If the raw score is greater than or equal to the mastery score, the LMS changes the status to "passed", otherwise it changes the status to "failed". If your lesson does not include any scored questions, then the learners raw score will always be 0 and therefore always evaluate to less than the mastery score. When this is the case, the LMS will always change the status to "failed".

Trivatis Lectora defaults the mastery score to 75 and versions prior to 2007 do not allow you to turn this off. Additionally, Lectora will not allow you to set the mastery score to 0. Therefore, when using Lectora versions prior to 2007, any lessons you create that do not contain scored questions will always re-evaluate to "failed".


If you are not able to turn off the mastery score within your authoring tool, use one of the following resolutions:

    1. Include at least one scored question in your lesson so that the learner may earn enough points to exceed the mastery score.

    1. Disable the mastery score in the LMS by going to the "Modify Lesson" interface and de-selecting the "Enable Mastery Score" checkbox.

    1. Manually remove the mastery score from the manifest by following these steps:

        1. Publish your lesson from Lectora as normal.

        1. Unzip the ZIP file containing your published Lectora lesson.

        1. Using notepad or other text editor, open the 'imsmanifest.xml' file that was located in the root folder of the ZIP file.

        1. Find and remove any lines with the mastery score tag. They will look similar to: <adlcp:masteryscore>75</adlcp:masteryscore>

        1. Save the file.

        1. Re-zip the lesson files making sure that the imsmanifest.xml file is in the root of the ZIP package (not within any folders).

        1. Upload the ZIP package to the LMS as normal.

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