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Message "0 SCO(s) Saved" Displayed When Uploading Lesson
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 06 July 2007 04:09 PM


When uploading a lesson, the final screen of the wizard appears to complete without errors, but displays the message "0 SCO(s) saved."


The manifest file has improperly escaped ampersand(s) (&) in it.

Applies To:

  • Articluate Presenter
  • Articulate Quizmaker


The manifest file included with a content package uses the XML format which requires that ampersands (&) be "escaped" (written as: &). Some authoring tools do not properly handle this data during repeated file opening and saving and subsequently jumble the escaped ampersands in the manifest file. When this happens, even though the manifest file is technically valid, the LMS cannot properly match the SCOs you selected for import to the SCOs identified in the manifest file and therefore no SCOs are imported.


When publishing your lesson, be sure that the lesson title does not contain any ampersands. This will ensure that the manifest does not contain any improperly escaped ampersands and the lesson should import correctly.
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