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Lesson Does Not Resume When Re-Launched
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 11 July 2007 12:55 AM

When re-launching a lesson that you have been in previously, the lesson does not resume and none of your previous data is reloaded (question responses, lesson status, etc). You may also notice that if the lesson contains any timers they have been reset.

The lesson has not indicated to the LMS that it wants to resume when re-launched.


According to the SCORM specification, in order for the LMS to resume the lesson state and data during subsequent launches, the lesson must notify the LMS to do so. If not, the LMS will by default, restart the lesson with a new attempt and a clean set of data.

  • Instruct the LMS to always resume your lesson by going to the "Modify Lesson" interface and selecting the "Always Resume" option.
  • To notify the LMS that you would like it to resume the lesson state the next time the lesson is launched, set the cmi.exit parameter value to "suspend". Be sure that the value is not changed before exiting the lesson and that it is saved to the LMS by using the Commit() method. 


Many authoring tools automatically set the cmi.exit parameter value to "suspend".
The parameter and method names in the resolution pertain only to SCORM 1.3 (2004). When authoring in SCORM 1.2, the parameter name is cmi.core.exit and the method name is LMSCommit().
When using this resolution, the LMS will resume the lesson state and data so that it is available to the lesson, however it is still the lesson's determination whether to use it or not.


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