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TROUBLESHOOTING: Complete Interaction Data and/or Completion/Success Status Not Saved
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 28 March 2009 03:56 AM


SCORM data including completion status, success status, objective or interaction data is not completely saved after closing a SCO.


The SCO is queuing the data stream to the LMS, but the SCO has been closed before all of the queued data has been sent.

Applies To:

Adobe Captivate and any non-Internet Explorer browser


Adobe Captivate SCOs perform a browser detection and change their SCORM communication behavior when a non-Internet Explorer browser is being used. One of the altered behaviors is that the SCORM communication is slowed down such that each page's data may take 10-20 seconds to be completely sent to the LMS. In this scenario, when the SCO is closed, any data that has not been sent to the LMS is lost.

The problem is more noticeable in long SCOs (especially those with many interactions) as it is more likely that the user will navigate "ahead" of the data queue and close the SCO before the queue has finished streaming to the LMS.


Alter the SCO so that it always uses the "Internet Explorer Type" SCORM behavior. This resolution may have unknown ramifications and is not covered by ICS Learning Group support. Questions or assistance with this resolution should be directed to Adobe Support only.

1. Publish your SCO normally in Captivate.

2. Unzip the published ZIP file and open the [project].htm file that is located in the root folder using Notepad or other text file editor.

3. Force the Internet Explorer behavior by ensuring that g_intAPIType is set to zero (g_intAPIType = 0;) and that it is not overridden by the browser detection.

4. Zip the SCO files ensuring that the imsmanifest.xml file is located in the root of the ZIP.

5. Upload the ZIP file to the LMS as normal.

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