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Add a Large Number of New Users
Posted by Levi Wallach on 09 November 2011 03:59 PM

In order to create a large group of users, the LMS has a "New User Batch" import feature that allows you to import large numbers of users. The New User Batch page has a table which dictates what data to put into the columns of a spreadsheet, which you will export to a tab-delimited text file, and then upload that file in the User Batch page.

Things to keep in mind when creating the spreadsheet:

  • DO NOT include a row of headings in the spreadsheet.
  • Make absolutely sure that all required data is in the spreadsheet, and that all data is in the correct columns.
  • Make sure every row has END typed in Column AS.
  • Check the tab-delimited text file to make sure there is no empty space after the last END.
  • Check the tab-delimited text file to make sure there are no quotation marks in the document.

One of the fields that is required for these batch imports is a password. However, this does not mean that one has to create unique passwords for each user or ask each user what password they want before creating their account through the batch. Here is a good way to allow for the users to create their own passwords:

Step 1:

Create a new email notification. For the Event field, choose "User Created." For Recipient, choose "User." Fill in the rest of the form as desired, and then edit the Message Body to something similar to the following: "Your user account has been created, your username is ##user_login##. Your password is ##user_login##. You will need to reset it upon first logging in. Please go to the LMS home page and log in to change your password."

Step 2:

In your batch upload spreadsheet, enter the user's username in the password field, so long as it can be used as a valid password - ie it must be at least 6 characters and no more than 25 characters, cannot contain 'password', '123456', or '654321'.

Set the Must Change Password column in your import file to "1" (without the quotes) for every user. Include a valid email address for each user.

Step 3:

Export the spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file (.txt).

Step 4:

Upload the tab-delimited text file to the User Batch Upload page. Your users will be uploaded to the system, which will trigger the Email Notification, and they will all be emailed with their temporary passwords.

You can disable the Email Notification you created after you have performed the upload, and you can re-enable it if you need to perform another batch upload in the future.

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