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Test Inquisiq E-commerce -
Posted by Heather Zauner on 08 May 2013 01:53 PM

An API Login and Transaction Key are both required for the Inquisiq e-commerce feature to work (for Authorize.Net).  In order to test this functionality in Inquisiq, you can create a free test account with Authorize.Net. Follow the steps below to sign up for an Authorize.Net test account and configure your Inquisiq e-commerce feature. Please note that the procedures listed below for creating a test account for Authorize.Net are accurate as of May 8, 2013.  If the procedures are no longer accurate, please contact Authorize.Net directly and request a test account.

Create an Authorize.Net Test Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the Test Account form.  Select Commercial for the Developer Type and Card Not Present for the Account Type.
  3. Once you click Sign Up, a Getting Started window will appear and provide you with an API Login ID and Transaction Key.  Be sure to save these for use in testing the Inquisiq e-commerce feature.
  4. Authorize.Net will email you a welcome message that includes several test credit card numbers that can be used to test your connection.   

Configure the Inquisiq e-commerce Feature:

  1. Click the Administrator Menu button on the Main Menu.
  2. Click on the E-commerce icon located in the System sub-menu.
  3. Select Authorize.NET DPM (Direct Post Method) from the Processing Method drop down menu or AIM if this option is available.
  4. Select the currency type.
  5. Select Developer Account Only for the Transaction Mode.
  6. Enter you API Login and Transaction Key (provided by Authorize.Net)
  7. Click on the Form Properties tab located on the left-side of the screen. Select at least one card that your payment gateway account will accept and complete the form.
  8. Return to the Gateway/Processor tab and click Save Changes.  Once the required information is saved, then it will allow you to click the Verify Connection Settings link and it will verify your API and Transaction Key information with Authorize.Net.

Test your Inquisiq e-commerce Configuration:

  1. Log in as a user.
  2. Click the Course Catalog button in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click a course to purchase, and then click the "Enroll" link. You will then be brought to the Shopping Cart screen. Either click "Return to Course Catalog" to continue adding items, put in a coupon code for the current item, or click "Continue to Billing Information." You can return to your cart at any time by clicking "My Account," then selecting the "My Cart" tile on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the Continue to Billing Information button.
  5. Fill out the form and put in the credit card information provided by
  6. Click "Submit Order." If the LMS says that the payment went through successfully, your account is correctly integrated.
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