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Lessons Do Not Launch on iOS 7 or Greater Devices
Posted by Heather Zauner on 13 October 2014 02:43 PM


Lessons appear to be loading for an extended time period, but never launch successfully.  


The Safari pop-up blocker is preventing the lesson from launching.

Applies To:

iOS 7 - iOS 8.0.0 devices and Safari.


By disabling the "Block Pop-ups" option in your Safari browser settings, the lesson will launch successfully. Apple added additional security and removed certain features that Inquisiq relies on in order to launch content. 


Disable the "Block Pop-ups" option in your Safari settings on all iOS 7+ devices (iPads and iPhones):

  1. Open Settings on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Select the Safari browser.
  3. Disable the "Block Pop-ups" option.
  4. Log into your Inquisiq LMS.
  5. Launch a lesson on your iPad or iPhone (please note that it may take a few moments to load).
  6. Select "Allow" when a pop-up window appears indicating that "This site is attempting to open a pop-up window."
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