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Asentia is now Inquisiq Powered by Acendre FAQ
Posted by Mike Link on 24 June 2020 04:46 PM

Q: Why is the name change being made?

A: Following on from the purchase of ICS Learning Group by Acendre, a study of the market revealed that the Inquisiq brand name still has very good brand recognition and recall after nearly 20 years. With that data in hand, we decided to consolidate our offerings under the single brand name Inquisiq. This will both help to alleviate a bit of confusion in the market and allow us to focus our development efforts on a single brand.

Q: What does that mean for current Asentia users?

A: The LMS product you purchased under the Asentia product name from ICS is not changing. There are some technical modifications that are needed if you are currently using the Asentia API or SAML SSO that uses “asentialms”. Your current portal on the “” domain will be redirecting to the “” domain. You can find additional details on the technical changes here on the knowledgebase.

Q: What happens if a user goes to the old Asentia URL?

A: All traffic going to your portal on the domain will remain functional as a redirect to will be in place until Jan 1, 2021.

Q: If I use a custom URL for my Asentia LMS portal, will I need to change anything?

A: No, your custom domain will continue to work as before.

Q: Will the Asentia website stay active?

A: Beginning on June 22, 2020 the public site will begin redirecting to All technical documentation has been moved to the support site.

Q: What does this mean for current Inquisiq users?

A: There is no impact to your current product. If you bookmarked any technical documentation on the Inquisiq public website, that information has been moved to the support site.

Q: Are there any changes being made for customer support?

A: No, the support site and knowledgebase are still accessible to all Asentia and Inquisiq customers and you will continue to use your current login information to submit support tickets.

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Acendre Learn Release Notes Release 1.17
Posted by Mike Link on 07 May 2020 05:16 PM
Asentia 1.17 to be released on May 17,2020 10:00pm EST


Feature Description
Instructor led training enhancements
  • Introduction of a setting to hide instructor name from ILT session details.
  • Introduction of a setting to close session enrollment.
Reporting enhancements
  • Create report subscriptions as a system administrator.
  • Introduction of ‘copy’ report feature.
Certificate enhancement
  • Introduction of instructor information on certificate
Email notification status – active/inactive indicator
  • Introduction of a visual indicator to indicate the active/inactive status of an email notification.


Enhancement Details

ILT enhancement – ‘Hide Instructor Name’ setting

Description: Introduced a new configurable setting under ILT sessions to provide the ability to hide instructor’s name from ILT session details. It has been observed many times that the instructor name is not known till the session start date or the instructor changes at the last moment. To support these use cases this new configuration setting will allow system administrators/users to manage the visibility of instructor’s name on the ILT session.

System Changes:

  1. The new ‘Hide Instructor(s) Name’ configuration setting is available under ‘instructor’ tab of an ILT session.
  2. This is an optional setting.
  3. Once set, the instructors name will be hidden from ILT session details.
  4. Screenshot below highlights the new configuration setting.

UI Screen changes:


ILT enhancement – ‘Close Session Enrollment’ setting

Description: Introduced a new configurable setting under ILT sessions to provide the ability to close enrollments for an ILT session certain time before the start of the session. For classroom led ILT sessions, many times clients have to provision for course material or equipment for all the learners enrolled to the session. With this new configuration setting clients would know before session start date/time of the exact number of learners who will be attending the classroom session and will not have to worry about provisioning equipment for last minute enrollments.

System Changes:

  1. The new ‘Close Session Enrollment’ configurable setting is available under ILT session properties.
  2. This is an optional setting
  3. The options available for the setting are - hour(s), week(s), day(s), month(s) before the session only.
  4. Once the close enrollment time for a session has occurred, the enroll button would no longer be available for learners for the ILT session.

UI Screen Changes:

Reporting enhancement – copy report

Description: Introduced a new feature to copy a report directly from the report list.

System Changes:

  1. Introduced copy report icon under report list options.
  2. On click of copy report icon, a copy of the report will open.  You can make changes and save the new report by clicking on ‘save changes as’ button.
  3. Make sure to save the new report with a unique name or else a validation will appear.
  4. On click of ‘save changes as’ button, the newly updated report will get saved under ‘My saved’ reports tab.

Reporting enhancement – report subscription

Description: With this new feature, users with system administrator role will be able to subscribe other users and any external email addresses to a report. Currently, system administrator can subscribe individual users to reports by impersonating them and it is a time taking process. With this feature system administrators will be able to create and manage subscriptions from one single place – their account!

System Changes:

  1. As a user with system administrator role, subscription tab will now be available on reports under "My Saved Reports" or "Public Saved Reports" tab. Please see UI screen changes below.
  2. Once the subscription is created the subscribed users and external email addresses, will receive email per schedule. 
  3. The subscription record will be available for the system administrator to view and update, when required.
  4. If the user needs to unsubscribe, they need to reach out to their system administrators to update the subscription.
  5. If a user is deleted/removed from the system, their subscription automatically gets deleted.

Certificate – availability of instructor data on certificates

Description: Introduced ‘Instructor’ label under the list of available labels on certificate builder. Instructors data can now be pulled on a certificate issued for an ILT sessions.

System Changes:

  1. Instructor label is now available under certificate builder as shown in screenshot. If a certificate is linked to an ILT session, the instructor name will populate with relevant data on certificate generation.

UI Screen Changes:






















Email notification – active/inactive visual indicator

Description: Introduction of an active/inactive icon on email notification screen, to visually indicate the status of an email notification for system users, instead of having to click on each notification to see the status.

System Changes:

  1. The newly introduced icons under email notification list reflect the active or inactive status of the record. 


  1. A bug has been fixed where certificate placeholders were not saving on certificate update.
  2. A bug has been fixed where the user was unable to add an enrolled ILT session to their outlook.

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Asentia Release 1.16
Posted by Mike Link on 03 January 2020 10:04 AM

Asentia Release 1.16

Release Date: January 12, 2020

New Features:

  • Added the ability to restrict the dashboard to a “Lite” version.
  • Added the ability to set account lockout parameters for login attempts.
  • Added “Rules Engine” to provide users with the ability to view all rules and objects they apply to on one page.
  • Added the ability to copy ruleset enrollments across learning asset objects.
  • Added the ability to filter on “users enrolled in” for ILT session roster management.
  • Added the ability to view all certificates and objects they apply to on one page.
  • Added the ability to add a confirmation when Email OptOut link is clicked.
  • Added the ability to exclude a user from leaderboards.
  • Added the ability to attach a favicon to a portal.
  • Added the ability to add a shortcode to Learning Paths, Catalogs, and ILT Modules.
  • Added the ability to close registration for an ILT session.
  • Added the option to restrict self-enrollment to one time only.
  • Added the ability to add “essay-type” questions in surveys.
  • Added the ability for all questions in a single-page survey to be submitted at once, as opposed to submitting each question.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to appear after clicking “Delete My Account”.


  • Removed forcing the selection of a “correct answer” for multiple-choice, multiple-answer, or true/false survey questions.
  • Changed “Package Import” nomenclature to “Create Course from Package” on the package modify page.
  • Removed “Portal Statistics Widget” option from the Configuration menu 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in continuous redirections when users were required to both change their password and accept the user agreement.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to purchase or enroll in an object twice by double-clicking enroll/add to cart/Paypal buttons on Catalog items.
  • Fixed an issue where Message Center “Compose” form was not showing errors when errors occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted courses were not being excluded from the Enrollments Widget.
  • Fixed an issue where Certificates for Certifications were not being awarded upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue where searching the Catalog while not logged in threw and exception.
  • Fixed an issue where saving changes on a tab in a modification menu always kicked back to the first tab.
  • Fixed an issue that did not exempt Birthday, Hire Date, and Termination Date from UTC conversion in Reports.
  • Fixed an issue where Catalogs were not showing up in the correct order on the Catalog page.
  • Fixed an issue where embedded Vimeo videos were not playing when launched.
  • Fixed an issue where not all enrollments were able to be viewed and launched through the Enrollments Widget Carousel because of a paging issue.
  • Fixed an issue that produced an error when viewing session email notifications in the email log.
  • Fixed an issue where Certification events were visible in Email Notification modification pages even though Certifications were not enabled in the portal.
  • Fixed an issue where calendar files were unable to be opened from the ILT Session Widget.
  • Fixed an issue where “Require new user registrations to be approved by an administrator” checkbox was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s course enrollments list was not being re-populated after deletion of Learning Path enrollments.
  • Fixed an issue where users with a “User Manager” role enabled were able to view users in groups they did not have permissions to view.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing a course via shortcode by a user that was not logged in would direct the user to the dashboard once logged in, instead of the catalog for enrollment.
  • Fixed an issue where posts that included quotation marks would not post to discussion boards.
  • Fixed an issue where users would receive multiple enrollments if joined to a group both manually and by a ruleset enrollment.


If you have any questions about new features or bug fixes for this release, please submit a ticket through our support system. 

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Asentia Release 1.15
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 21 June 2019 04:16 PM

Asentia Release 1.15

Release Date: June 23, 2019

New Features:

  • Added “Themes” to allow for pre-built styles and icon sets to be inserted and applied to your Asentia portal.
  • Added the ability to switch the Enrollments Widget to a “tile mode” that allows learners to see a more graphics-based layout for their course enrollments.
    • Note: The standard "List View" remains the default Enrollments Widget layout in existing portals. To switch your portal to the new "Tile View" layout, go to System > Configuration > Widgets, and change the Enrollments Widget to "Tile View."
  • Added the ability to configure your portal to require users to consent to cookies. This is a GDPR consideration.
  • Added the ability to configure your portal to allow users to remove their user accounts. This is a GDPR consideration.
  • Added the ability to configure your portal to require users to agree to a user agreement. This is a GDPR consideration.
  • Added the ability to configure email notifications to be sent to specific email addresses.
  • Added the ability to configure email notifications to be copied to a specific email address.
  • Added the ability for an ILT instructor to send a “Message Center” message to users on an ILT session roster.
  • Added the ability to include a “drop session” link in ILT session email notifications.
  • Added the ability to attach a calendar (.ics) file to ILT session email notifications for “Session Meets.”
  • Added the ability to attach supervisors to a user via user batch upload.
  • Added the ability to allow an administrator to modify certification award and renewal dates for a learner.
  • Added “Documents” to catalog search.
  • Added the ability to attach certificates to certifications.
  • Added the ability to configure multilingual certificate backgrounds.


  • Consolidated the “Task Proctoring”, “OJT Proctoring”, “Certification Task Proctoring “, “User Registration Approval”, and “Enrollment Approval” widgets into a single “Administrative Tasks” widget.
  • Separated Course and Learning Path administrator permissions into “Content” and “Enrollment” permissions that allow for more granularity in assigning permissions for administering content.
  • Added the ability to choose Video (.mp4) as a Task upload type.
  • Added “Instructor(s)” to ILT transcript reporting dataset.
  • Added individual course status indicators for certification progress view.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented scheduling conflict resolution when assigning instructors and/or resources to ILT sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where users could see a reporting dataset they did not have permission to see.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for the deletion of completed enrollments.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for the reset of enrollments for deleted courses.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicated lesson data for activity import uploads.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the list view from navigating across pages on the “Pending Enrollments Widget.”
  • Fixed an issue causing validation failure not to appear on the correct tab when modifying a course.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an error to appear when deleting learning path enrollment rulesets.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user from being able to enroll in an ILT session while enrolling in the course associated with that ILT session.
  • Fixed an issue causing bulleted lists in course descriptions not to appear correctly on the course launch page.


If you have any questions about new features or bug fixes for this release, please submit a ticket through our support system.

Click here to view a video highlighting some of the features of this release.

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Inquisiq Version
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 25 April 2019 02:41 PM

Inquisiq Release

Released April 2nd, 2019


  • Added functionality to connect to OpenSesame Marketplace to purchase and download courseware for deployment within a portal.
  • Added functionality to configure a CAPTCHA for the portal login form.
  • Added functionality to configure a portal to require user consent for email notifications (opt-in/opt-out).
  • Added functionality for secure cookies over HTTPS, and the ability to configure a portal to require users to consent to the use of cookies.
  • Added functionality to configure a portal to require a user to agree to a user agreement or terms of service upon first login.
  • Added functionality to configure a portal to allow users to remove their own accounts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where “Estimated Completion Time” email placeholder “rollover” text was missing.
  • Fixed an issue causing user registration page to fail when “Hire Date” is a required field.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of courses linked to a catalog was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with portal duplication where the duplicated catalog was linked to the source portal’s catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where session rosters were not sortable.
  • Fixed an issue where User Manager permission was allowing the user to also have its profile information edited.
  • Fixed an issue where a content MIME type was not functioning properly with Storyline content.
  • Fixed an issue where course prerequisites were not being enforced from the course catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where courses marked as completed by an administrator could still be launched by a learner and have their progress tracked.
  • Fixed the email notification placeholder for session time zone.
  • Fixed the email notification placeholder for lesson score.
  • Fixed the email notification placeholder for enrollment start.
  • Fixed issues with Manage Data for Import Certificate Data functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Hire Date and Terminal Date do not save properly on the user registration form.
  • Fixed a formatting issue that caused certificates not to display when a \ was found within user profile data.
  • Fixed an issue where some completed courses were being displayed as “overdue.”
  • Fixed an issue where instructors were unable to access sessions that they were instructing.
  • Fixed an issue where User Managers could not revoke certificates unless they also had Content Manager permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with missing text in the OK and Cancel buttons for quizzes and surveys published with the built-in tool.
  • Fixed an issue where quizzes and surveys created with the built-in tool were not scrollable on iPad.

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Goodbye, Flash
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 17 December 2018 04:51 PM

For many years Flash has been the key to interactive and engaging web content, however with newer technologies and security requirements, its time to say "goodbye".

Ongoing issues with Flash’s functionality and compatibility with modern browser are getting worse with each browser release and in some cases are presenting issues that are unsolvable. Within the next year, browsers will begin actively blocking Flash content in ways that users with limited access to their workstation settings will be unable to overcome.

In August 2016, we alerted customers that the end of Flash was in sight and made a recommendation to begin re-publishing all Flash content to HTML5 before time ran out.

In November 2017, we alerted customers that new Chrome settings would make it harder for users to run Flash content and again reinforced our recommendation to republish all Flash content to HTML5.

Well, the time is now.

ICS Learning Group Support can no longer provide any debugging or support for Flash content due to these issues. It is known to be problematic and insecure and is no longer an appropriate delivery mechanism for web content. If your users are experiencing issues with Flash content, replace it with re-published HTML5 content to first verify if the issue has been solved and only if not, submit a ticket for support.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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