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Inquisiq R4 New Release - Build 4.15.0302
Posted by Heather Zauner on 13 March 2015 02:13 PM

Release 4.15.0302

New Features

  • New, updated "R4" interface option.
    • The “Classic” icon set is not supported with the new "R4" interface style included in this release.
  • Multilingual capability. Available languages include:
    • English
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Spanish (Latin America)
    • French
    • French (Canada)
    • German
    • Italian
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Russian
  • Course ratings allow learners who have completed a course to rate the course.
    • Course Ratings included in Reports.
  • Leaderboards display top learners by the most total course completions, total course credits, total certificates and total certificate credits.
  • Course Screenshots added to Course Details screen within the Course Catalog.
  • Activity Import:
    • Added “Credits” column.
    • Data automatically fills in enrollments where the import data matches.
    • Certificates now automatically awarded where appropriate.
  • Certificate Data Import functionality allows batch upload of certificate data.
  • Course survey link option added to the course configuration screen allows learners to jump out to a 3rd party survey tool once they have completed their course.


  • Phrasing of Catalog “Closed” changed to “Allowed Self-Enrollment” for clarity.
  • Report subscriptions now require a relative date time filter that is less than or equal to the frequency designated with the report subscription.
  • Moved Course Catalog “Options” tab out of the Course Catalog page into a new “Features” page within the Administrator Menu.
  • Session screen updated to only display sessions that have occurred within the previous year and only allow modifications/management to sessions that have occurred within the previous 3 months.
  • Changed the “Supervisor” field within reports to display the supervisor’s full name and username in parenthesis.
  • Activity Import data that contain course codes will now update the user’s transcript with the corresponding number of credits linked to the course.

Bug Fixes

  • Users that enroll / purchase a catalog that contains “closed” courses will only be enrolled in the “open” courses contained within the catalog.
  • Corrected the Course Time Limit setting to properly prevent access once the allotted time has been reached.
  • Corrected the “Login Failed” message to display and scale correctly.
  • Manual completions of “closed” courses now correctly unlock other courses that they are prerequisites for.
  • Blank column contained in Reports Excel spreadsheet following “Course Name” column has been removed.
  • “Forgot Password” email now includes correct HTTP/HTTPS link according to portal settings.

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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.14.0211
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 16 May 2014 03:30 PM

Release 2.14.0211

New Features

• Added the ability to select from multiple interface styles and icon sets for an LMS portal through the Control Panel.

• Added a new interface style and icon set that can be applied to LMS portals.


- New interface styles and icon sets can be created and applied to your LMS installation with assistance from the Inquisiq Support Team.

- SaaS clients wanting to switch to the newly designed interface style and/or icon set included in this release will need to contact the Inquisiq Support Team.

- The “Classic” icon set (the icon set used prior to this release) is not supported with the new interface style included in this release, as icons in that style are larger in size and the “Classic” icon set may not have appropriately sized icons for the new interface.

Bug Fixes

• Changed login and register pages to eliminate a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability.

• Changed sessions management page to load session information faster.

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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.14.0210
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 19 February 2014 09:45 PM

Release 2.14.0210

New Features

• Added "Certificate Expired" notification to email notifications.

• Added "future relative date" filters to reports.

• Added support for the Internet Explorer 11 web browser, and enhanced support for content running on iOS devices.

Added the YouTube logo to the built-in set of icons for social media links in courses.

• Added the ability to toggle the launch mode of SCORM content launched from Internet Explorer. Due to a bug affecting Flash for Internet Explorer, SCORM content had to be forced to launch in "IE8 Compatibility Mode" in order to function properly in Internet Explorer. This can now be changed at the SCORM Package level to allow other content types, specifically HTML5, to take advantage of support offered by the newer versions of Internet Explorer.

Bug Fixes

• Changed "Activity Data Import" functionality to allow multiple transcript records with the same completion date to be imported properly.

• Changed coupon code "modify" functionality to allow the previously saved "Discount Value" to display properly.

• Changed "Enrollment Revoked" email notification to display the "##object_name##" placeholder in the notification.

• Changed course enrollments inherited from the purchase of a catalog to enforce course prerequisites.

• Changed shopping cart functionality to remove deleted courses from a user's active shopping cart.

• Changed email notifications to only send notifications to "Active" users.

• Changed email notifications to only send notifications to a user’s supervisor or the account administrator if the user is "Active."

• Changed processes for querying and saving lesson, and lesson interaction data to perform more efficiently.

• Changed the mobile home page to correctly display home page titles that span multiple lines.

• Changed items listed on the "Instructing" tab of the "My Account" page to properly sort by date.

• Changed user field validation to properly enforce the "Is Unique" flag on the "Email" field.

• Changed the validation regular expression for email addresses to allow for email addresses with a TLD containing a period, e.g.

• Changed the "User Batch Upload" interface to display instructions for properly formatting country information in the user batch spreadsheet.

• Changed the "User Batch Upload" process to import the batch of users and apply grouping rules more efficiently.

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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.13.0301
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 31 May 2013 11:13 AM

Release 2.13.0301

New Features

• Enhanced coupon code functionality to allow for coupon codes to be valid between a given date range, and to allow for coupon codes to be marked for one-time use by each user.

• Added support for the Internet Explorer 10 web browser.

• Added the ability to revert the logged in session back to the impersonating user when logging in as, or impersonating another user.

• Enhanced support for Unicode characters throughout the system.

• Added “Credits” column to user transcript.

• Modified the default background image for a certificate.

• Added configurable options for synchronizing Active Directory to _global.asp.

Bug Fixes

• Changed course/catalog purchasing process to account for and assign a “grace period” to coupon codes for when they are applied to a purchase item and the user does not “checkout” right away.

• Changed purchasing method to populate the “description” field needed by the gateway.

• Changed the Course Materials download functionality to download items properly when passwords in _global.asp are encrypted.

• Changed enrollments to allow the end date of an enrollment to be modified without throwing an error on the start date.

• Changed lesson launch to function properly with iOS 6.

• Changed the saving of user lesson data and interactions to perform more efficiently.

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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.12.1031
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 12 December 2012 06:05 PM

Release 2.12.1031

New Features

• Expanded Section 508 compliance for learner pages. Note that this does not certify that lesson content will comply with Section 508. Section 508 compliance for lesson content is determined and implemented by the developer of the lesson content.

• Added the ability to configure automatic recover or discard of SCORM lesson data from disk to database. This enhances the SCORM lesson data recovery feature introduced in release 2.12.0615 by allowing the LMS Administrator to choose if unsaved SCORM lesson data should be automatically recovered or discarded for the user, or if the user should continue to decide.

• Added “click-to-insert” functionality for available placeholders listed on the “Email Notifications > Modify” page, and added placeholders for the course’s estimated time to complete, the course’s description, and the enrollment’s due date to “Enrollment” email notifications.

• Added the ability filter for “NULL” or empty values in reports.

• Added an alert to the “My Account” page to be displayed if the user has enrollments that are still being built.

Bug Fixes

• Changed the “Enrollment Start” email notifications to be sent to users inheriting fixed date group enrollments where the fixed date setting causes the start date of their enrollment to be in the past.

• Enhanced the performance of group enrollment distribution functionality to prevent deadlocks and timeouts when adding a user to a group that contains group enrollments.

• Changed the "Data Saved" message/link on the lesson launch screen to say "Click here to go back to the course details page." This more accurately reflects the page the user lands on upon clicking the link.

• Changed the calendars to display session icons on the appropriate date that is relative to the session’s time zone.

• Changed the enrollments listed on the “Completed” tab of the “My Account” page to not allow the enrollment to be launched if it has expired.

• Changed the enrollment listings on the “My Account” page to properly sort date columns.

• Changed the formatting of a user’s “Hire Date” in reports to display properly in the report.

• Changed the “User > Enrollment > Modify” page to allow settings on a user’s active enrollment to be changed without requiring the start date to also be changed.

• Changed the “User > Enrollment > Listing” page to prevent settings on a user’s completed enrollments from being changed.

• Changed the “Session > Add User” page to function properly in Internet Explorer 9.

• Changed the user’s lesson listing page to only display an active link to a “Web Meeting” lesson 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the “Web Meeting.”

• Changed the “Session Enroll” page to display the number of seats still available in a session.

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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.12.0615
Posted by Mike Link on 15 August 2012 02:01 PM

Release 2.12.0615

New Features

• Added the ability to purchase or enroll in all courses contained within a catalog.

• Added the ability to synchronize SCORM lesson data from disk to database. This allows the most recently committed SCORM data for a lesson to be recovered in the event it is not successfully written to the database.

• Added the ability to encrypt the control panel and/or database passwords in the _global.asp file.

• Added enhancements to Active Directory synchronization to allow synchronization over SSL, and allow extra LDAP query parameters to be added to synchronization.

• Added a dataset to reports to allow for reporting on Catalogs, Courses, Lessons, and Sessions.

• Added Session information to the “Course Transcripts” dataset in reports.

• Added the ability to add users to a group through the API.

• Added Session placeholders to email notifications. Additionally, all available placeholders for an event type will be shown in the placeholder box when the event is selected.

• Added a file name column to “Manage Activity Data” in Import Activity Data. This allows activity imports to be tracked by filename.

• Added functionality to release a page’s connection to the database once a query has finished. This will enhance the performance of calls to the database.

Bug Fixes

• Changed self-enrollment button for courses to only allow the button to be clicked once. This prevents users from self-enrolling in a course more than once.

• Changed the session roster page to properly display the course name.

• Changed “Main Menu” items to allow links to contain IP addresses.

• Changed the saveEnrollment method of the API to add a time zone for the enrollment. This was preventing enrollments created by the API from being properly displayed in the Administrator Menu.

• Changed email address validation to allow apostrophes in email addresses.

• Changed multi-select user property fields to properly display items that were previously selected.

• Changed the “My Account” page to properly highlight the last tab of the enrollments menu when properly selected. This was an IE8 bug.

• Changed the “Account Settings” page to allow the Administrator password to be changed by the Administrator only.

• Changed the SCORM package import to not import SCORM packages whose manifest doesn’t contain any item definitions.

• Changed “Certificates” to properly display the award date based on the user’s time zone.

• Changed mobile lesson launch page to be formatted like all other mobile pages.

• Changed the “My Account” page to properly sort course listings when sorted by date.

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