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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.14.0210
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 19 February 2014 09:45 PM

Release 2.14.0210

New Features

• Added "Certificate Expired" notification to email notifications.

• Added "future relative date" filters to reports.

• Added support for the Internet Explorer 11 web browser, and enhanced support for content running on iOS devices.

Added the YouTube logo to the built-in set of icons for social media links in courses.

• Added the ability to toggle the launch mode of SCORM content launched from Internet Explorer. Due to a bug affecting Flash for Internet Explorer, SCORM content had to be forced to launch in "IE8 Compatibility Mode" in order to function properly in Internet Explorer. This can now be changed at the SCORM Package level to allow other content types, specifically HTML5, to take advantage of support offered by the newer versions of Internet Explorer.

Bug Fixes

• Changed "Activity Data Import" functionality to allow multiple transcript records with the same completion date to be imported properly.

• Changed coupon code "modify" functionality to allow the previously saved "Discount Value" to display properly.

• Changed "Enrollment Revoked" email notification to display the "##object_name##" placeholder in the notification.

• Changed course enrollments inherited from the purchase of a catalog to enforce course prerequisites.

• Changed shopping cart functionality to remove deleted courses from a user's active shopping cart.

• Changed email notifications to only send notifications to "Active" users.

• Changed email notifications to only send notifications to a user’s supervisor or the account administrator if the user is "Active."

• Changed processes for querying and saving lesson, and lesson interaction data to perform more efficiently.

• Changed the mobile home page to correctly display home page titles that span multiple lines.

• Changed items listed on the "Instructing" tab of the "My Account" page to properly sort by date.

• Changed user field validation to properly enforce the "Is Unique" flag on the "Email" field.

• Changed the validation regular expression for email addresses to allow for email addresses with a TLD containing a period, e.g.

• Changed the "User Batch Upload" interface to display instructions for properly formatting country information in the user batch spreadsheet.

• Changed the "User Batch Upload" process to import the batch of users and apply grouping rules more efficiently.