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Inquisiq R3 New Release - Build 2.14.0211
Posted by Joseph Carpenski on 16 May 2014 03:30 PM

Release 2.14.0211

New Features

• Added the ability to select from multiple interface styles and icon sets for an LMS portal through the Control Panel.

• Added a new interface style and icon set that can be applied to LMS portals.


- New interface styles and icon sets can be created and applied to your LMS installation with assistance from the Inquisiq Support Team.

- SaaS clients wanting to switch to the newly designed interface style and/or icon set included in this release will need to contact the Inquisiq Support Team.

- The “Classic” icon set (the icon set used prior to this release) is not supported with the new interface style included in this release, as icons in that style are larger in size and the “Classic” icon set may not have appropriately sized icons for the new interface.

Bug Fixes

• Changed login and register pages to eliminate a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability.

• Changed sessions management page to load session information faster.