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Inquisiq R4 New Release - Build 4.17.0001 / .0002 / .0003
Posted by Heather Zauner on 20 January 2017 04:04 PM

Release 4.17.0001 / .0002 / .0003

New Features

  • Quiz and Survey authoring.
  • Import Video (mp4, ogv, webm, Youtube, Vimeo) and publish to SCORM-compliant lesson.
  • PowerPoint-To-SCORM Converter/Publisher****
  • HTML- based certificate editor/viewer (Flash player is no longer required).
  • Detailed error logging for failed transactions.
  • New placeholder ##LessonScore## for the Lesson Completed, Lesson Failed, and Lesson Passed email notifications.
  • CSS “IDE” (Integrated Development Environment).


  • Increased future years available for hire and termination dates.
  • The pop-up coupon code windows no longer display during purchase if no coupon codes have been created.
  • Empty reports now display the message, “Report is empty” instead of a blank screen.
  • The LMS Account name (LMS portal name) input within API calls is no longer case sensitive.

Bug Fixes

  • The "Created" date column in the Certificates screen now sorts correctly.
  • Certificate codes now display correctly in reports.
  • The “All / None” selection option now operates correctly in the “Catalogs” tab of the Coupon Code configuration screen.

****IMPORTANT**** The PowerPoint-to-SCORM Converter/Publisher requires additional ICS hosted services and Microsoft licenses and therefore is only available on SaaS or ICS-Hosted installations.  This feature is not available to On-Premises installations.  Please contact the Inquisiq Support Team regarding the implementation cost and details for Hosted installations.