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Goodbye, Flash
Posted by Brian Kleeman on 17 December 2018 04:51 PM

For many years Flash has been the key to interactive and engaging web content, however with newer technologies and security requirements, its time to say "goodbye".

Ongoing issues with Flash’s functionality and compatibility with modern browser are getting worse with each browser release and in some cases are presenting issues that are unsolvable. Within the next year, browsers will begin actively blocking Flash content in ways that users with limited access to their workstation settings will be unable to overcome.

In August 2016, we alerted customers that the end of Flash was in sight and made a recommendation to begin re-publishing all Flash content to HTML5 before time ran out.

In November 2017, we alerted customers that new Chrome settings would make it harder for users to run Flash content and again reinforced our recommendation to republish all Flash content to HTML5.

Well, the time is now.

ICS Learning Group Support can no longer provide any debugging or support for Flash content due to these issues. It is known to be problematic and insecure and is no longer an appropriate delivery mechanism for web content. If your users are experiencing issues with Flash content, replace it with re-published HTML5 content to first verify if the issue has been solved and only if not, submit a ticket for support.

We apologize for any inconvenience.