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Inquisiq Pro Release Notes Release 1.18
Posted by Mike Link on 12 August 2020 11:50 AM
Inquisiq Pro 1.18 to be released on August 16,2020 10:00pm EST
Feature Description
Learner experience: Enhancements Introduction of ‘alerts & notification’ feature
  Enhancement to ILT module and ILT session view under catalog
  Introduction of UI validation pop-up messages for learners
Administrator experience:
Introduction of ‘limited-access’ instructor feature for instructor led training
  Introduction of ‘hide cost’ configuration setting under e-commerce
  Introduction of new fields in reporting data sets
  Enhancement of report subscription feature introduced in release 1.17
  User batch upload enhancement
Integration: Content provider
Introduction of ‘Go1’ content provider integration
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Alerts and Notification feature

Description: With the introduction of the new alerts and notification icon, learners can view all their upcoming events and notifications in a centralized place. This way learners can easily track and perform assigned tasks within the LMS.
System & UI Changes:
1. A new ‘bell’ menu icon is introduced in the top bar for ‘Alerts and Notifications’.
2. When there are events and notifications the bell icon will appear with number of events in it, for learner to review.
3. On click of the bell icon it will list of your notifications.
Enhancement to ILT module and ILT session’s view under catalog

: An instructor led module which spans over multiple sessions over multiple days, currently was only displaying the first session in the series. It was not until the learner decided to enroll or purchase the instructor led training module, the learner could see all the sessions which are part of the ILT module. This experience has been enhanced by displaying the list of all the sessions under an ILT module on the summary page of the catalog in an ascending order of the session start date.
UI Changes: 

Introduction of UI validation pop-up messages for learner 

Description: To enhance the learner’s experience on the platform two validation pop-up’s have been introduced:

1. During check-out, system will validate all the purchase items in the cart to make sure learner does not pay for item’s which are no longer available for purchase or for an ILT class which has no seats available at the time of checkout.

2. ILT enrollment: A learner can accidentally drop themself from an ILT session by clicking the button shown in the screenshot below

This experience has now been enhanced by providing a validation pop-up message for the leaner, which will notify the learner and ask for confirmation per the screenshot below.

Administrator experience: Enhancements

Introduction of ‘limited-access’ instructor feature for instructor led training

Description: With the introduction of new configuration for ‘limited access’ instructor, administrators will be able to manage instructors access by either adding them as an instructor as they do today under ‘select instructor’ section of an ILT session or by adding them under ‘select instructor with limited access’ section. Instructors added under limited access section have their access limited to taking attendance, printing roster, and sending message to the roster.

System & UI Changes:

New config available under ILT session -> Instructor tab -> ‘Select Instructor(s) With Limited Access’

1. A user can be added in either the select instructor section or the limited access instructor section but not in both for the same session.

2. A user can be added in the ‘default’ instructor section on one session and can be added in ‘limited’ instructor section on another ILT session. The manage roster screen for the instructor will toggle per the configuration setting on each session.

3. An instructor when added as a limited access instructor will not be allowed to approve learners request to enroll and drop into an ILT session.

Screen shot of the new config setting highlighted below.

An instructor added in as a limited access instructor for an ILT session, can perform the following actions:

1. Print roster

2. Send message to roster

3. Mark completion status

4. Log score

Screenshot below shows a roster management view of an instructor added in as limited access instructor for an ILT session.

Introduction of ‘hide cost’ configuration setting under e-commerce 

Description: The newly added ‘Hide Cost’ setting will provide administrators the ability to hide cost associated with learning objects in the catalog from LMS system users.

System & UI changes:

1. The new ‘Hide Cost’ configuration setting is available under e-commerce and by default is not set.

Introduction of new fields in reporting data sets 

Description: All reporting data sets other than catalog, course Information and certificates will now have two additional fields – language (ISO standard) and local time zone (ISO standard) available under columns. Admins can export reports with the newly added fields and use the same data set to import user activity data into the system directly without having to manually update language and time zone into ISO standards.

System & UI Changes

1. Addition to two new fields under report -> columns and filter tab. Highlighted in the screenshot below.

Report subscription enhancement 

Description: In the last Inquisiq release 1.17, we had introduced the report subscription feature for administrators to manage report subscriptions across the portal for users from one central location. To review the changes please refer to release notes available here. We have further improved this feature by adding two enhancements:

1. Validation: The list of users who appear in ‘Add User’ pop-up under subscription section will only have the users who have access to reporting role or access to certain data sets. This extra layer of security has been added to make sure that the users who do not have reporting role do not end up getting reports they were not meant to in the first place. The system will take care of it.

2. Unsubscribe link: User who are subscribed by admins will now be able to opt out of the subscription themselves by clicking the unsubscribe link send as a part of the email subscription.

User batch upload enhancement

Description: The user batch upload feature has been enhanced to take into consideration Canadian zip code format. The system will only validate the format not the zip code.

Integration: Content provider integration

Go1 content provider integration 

Description: We are pleased to announce Inquisiq partnership with Go1. Go1’s content library has 60K plus courses aggregated from multiple content providers, including Skillsoft, Thomson Reuters, Allara Learning, Micro Learn, just to name a few. GO1 can also support vertical specific content. Please reach out to your account executive to learn more about the content offering.

System & UI changes:

1. Once Go1 is enabled for your LMS portal you will be able to browse the Go1 library from learning assets menu.

2. All your courses will show under the Go1 marketplace.

3. Each course has the following actions/options:

a. ‘Synchronize’ functionality will retrieve the content package from Go1 and save it to the LMS portal's content repository.

b. ‘Synchronize and Create Course’ functionality will retrieve the content package from Go1, save it to the LMS portal's content repository, and import it as a single module course where the module is using the synchronized content package.

c. When a course is created after synchronization, the ‘not in use’ tag will change to ‘in use’.

Bug Fixes 

  1. A bug has been fixed where courses under private catalog were showing in calendar widget for all users.
  2. It was observed that each time, on click of 'Create Certification' button just after creating a certification, system was creating a new certification instead of saving it. This bug has now been fixed.
  3. A bug had been reported for the ‘Private Catalog’ feature, where users who were not part of the group which had access to the private catalog were able to search for courses linked to the private catalog. This bug has now been fixed.
  4. A bug had been reported where, for learning path enrollments, when the ‘Access from start’ is set the ‘expiration date’ should be based on the enrollment start but the system was calculating expiration based on ‘lifespan Start date’. This could cause the expiration date to be less than start date. This bug has now been fixed.
  5. A bug had been reported where learners were unable to take the quiz if they failed at the first attempt. This has been fixed and a learner will now be able to take the quiz even after a failed first attempt.
  6. It was observed that long learning asset name were getting ‘cut’ on the tiles under catalog. This bug has been fixed.


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